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Coach Corner

Online Training

Registering For Coaching Courses

Login to your eayso account at If you have already registered as a volunteer your name will appear. You can skip to Step 1 below. If you have not already registered as a volunteer than please do so now as you cannot register for a course if you are not a registered volunteer. Once registered proceed to Step 1 below.

Step 1

In the top Left Corner Click on the My eAYSO dropdown and click on Course Sign Up and fill in the following items:

State: CA

City: Hawthorne

Course: Select from the dropdown

Once the course is displayed click on the button in front of the course name and click on add attendee to program roster. You will get a message at the top of the screen in green 'Added Successfully'


Volunteer Forms

Referee and Coaches, If you have not already done so, please turn in a signed copy of the volunteer application as soon as possible. To register as a volunteer you must complete the registration application on the EAYSO web site www.eayso.orgMake sure to sign the form with something other than a black pen.