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All-Star Coach Meeting


There is an ALL-STAR coach meeting scheduled for SATURDAY, DECEMBER 7TH in the Dana Community Room (small room to the right of the office)  

ONLY COACHES are invited to attend the meeting.  NO assitant coaches, team parents or kids please.  If you are UNABLE to attend, you may send ONE assistant coach.


  • GU10           9:00am
  • BU10          10:30am
  • GU12          12:00pm
  • BU12            1:30pm
  • GU14            3:00pm
  • BU14            4:30pm

Please be on time, Email your player rating form to our RC Darryl at BEFORE the meeting.

Thank you for taking the time to coach this year. Without volunteers there would not be a Region 21 Hawthorne.